May 06

Trying to install Comodo AntiVirus 2.o Beta onto your Windows 2003 Server? Suddenly finding that you can’t logon remotely, or that logging on remotely doesn’t quite work the way it used to?

Well, as the warning at the beginning of the Comodo AntiVirus 2.0 Beta installation says, best functionality is achieved on Windows XP or Windows 2000. You can use it on Windows 2003 as well, however the HIPS Application Control will cause you a lot of problems. The solution? There are two possibles:

1. -:- While logging on to the system remotely, you log on to the console of the server at the same time. Every time you run a program from the remote connection, a pop up will appear on the console login. At the console, allow the program, and your all good. However, this can be a huge program for a terminal server, with lots of users. While you only need to allow each program once, this can still be a tedious task. If a program on your server was to be updated, the issue would arise all over again. Not to mention there are many different ways the programs and components can be accessed on a server. Especially a terminal server.

2 -:- Disable HIPS Application at the console and be happy that you are now running corporate class anti virus software, at a tenth of the cost of Symantec.

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